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David Simão#

I work as a Software Engineer at Truphone, where i'm in the technical lead for the Connect team. With experience on all parts of the stack, infrastructure and architecture, my career is mostly technical, and I intend to keep pushing it in that direction.

Rubber Duck
Image by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

I started working in IT after graduating from Instituto Superior Tecnico in 2010 and have been doing that since. Before my current job i worked in the media industry at Grupo Impresa and Sky Technology Centre mostly designing and developing backends and witnessing the transition from big deployable monoliths and traditional IT teams to microservices, containers and devops. After joining Truphone I led the My Truphone team for a couple of years after which I left to build my current team.

Apart from my professional activities i like to work on side projects and contribute to open source. I also do some road and trail running, play video games and invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies.